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Frequently asked questions will be regularly updated and added below. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the proposed development, please send them to [email protected]

What are the main elements of the Townsquare project?

  • 12,000sqm private site in Sliema’s existing Commercial and Residential Urban Centre
  • 7,500sqm, circa 62%, is to be dedicated to open pedestrian walkways, landscaped green spaces and gardens – the largest car-free zone in Sliema’s town centre
  • 159 residential apartments
  • A restored 19th Century Villa and gardens
  • Open-air shopping, food and dining
  • Underground public and residents’ parking

Who owns the land?

The land is owned by Townsquare Sliema Ltd, a joint-venture between the Ganado, Gasan, Soler and Trapani-Galea families.

Has the tower’s height changed?

  • Yes, in the new proposed design, the residential tower has been reduced in height by over 37 metres – equivalent to 11 storeys.
  • The new proposed tower will be made up of one double-height commercial ground level and 27 levels for quality residences. Its new proposed design is sleek and contemporary and triangular in plan with rounded apexes and concave faces.

What else has changed?

The buildings close to the tower have now been significantly reduced in height and in size, and repositioned so as to introduce better flow, more green landscaping and a new garden to the rear.

Will the number of residential units increase in the new proposed design?

No, they will remain unchanged as per the previous application at 159 high-end apartments.

Will the Large Open Space of the previous design be reduced?

Absolutely not. The new design keeps circa the same 7,500sqm area as pedestrian outdoor space – the largest car-free safe zone in Sliema’s town centre for all the public to enjoy.

Will Townsquare be accessible to the public?

Yes, absolutely. The open spaces will be fully accessible by the public. Our aim is to develop a social meeting space for all the community, and to encourage cultural and community events.

Is Townsquare planned as a new retail destination?

Not really. The main concept behind Townsquare is that it will become a direct extension of the existing shopping destination of “the Ferries”, Bisazza Street and Tower Road. Townsquare’s aim is to strengthen this part of Sliema as a top choice for shopping, business and food.

What kind of a retail centre would Townsquare be?

A series of pedestrian streets, piazzas, sunken gardens, walkways and green areas – all outdoors and all 100% car-free. The retail areas’ design also saw the contribution of Retail Design specialists.

Would Townsquare add value to the existing neighbourhood?

We have employed top local and international firms to assure that these new residences will be quality homes and that they will enhance and improve the overall value of this part of Sliema.

Are commercial spaces and residences that form part of Townsquare on the market?

Not currently, we expect to launch in Summer/Autumn 2021.

Will there be any parking and will it be underground?

Yes, the proposals include underground parking for approximately 748 cars. A number of parking spaces will be designated for car-share parking only and electric vehicles, and include car charging stations. There will also be secure bicycle parking facilities on site as part of a bicycle friendly initiative.

Will the dilapidated Villa Drago be restored?

Yes, the 19th-century villa has been in a state of disrepair for many years. It will be expertly restored by the Developer’s Lead Architects – Martin Xuereb & Associates – who recently completed the full restoration of the Cittadella in Rabat, Gozo. The villa will be carefully restored to its former glory. Set back from the bustle of Tower Road, it is one of the last of its kind to survive in Sliema and will take pride of place within our project. The villa will house commercial establishments, with indoor and outdoor dining and cafés in the surrounding sunken gardens.

What about sustainability?

  • We are committed to incorporating sustainable development practices into the project. The proposed density of the development makes efficient use of the available land, which is itself a scarce resource in Sliema, while still respecting the scale and character of the neighbourhood and creating significant open space.
  • The project will incorporate environmentally friendly design features, including thermal insulation, passive ventilation, intelligent lighting management and a water management system to recycle and re-use water.  The external lighting will be energy efficient and carefully directed to avoid unnecessary light pollution to the environment.
  • The location offers excellent walk-ability and is well served by public transportation, providing easy access to a full range of services and amenities. We are developing a detailed Green Transport Plan and will incorporate ample bicycle racks in the public space as well as bicycle storage options for the project’s residents and employees, further reducing car travel. The car park will include designated spaces for car share parking only and the provision of electric car charging stations.

What works have been carried out so far and what remains to be done?

Excavation work for most of the site has been completed and the remaining excavation resumed in January with a further 4 months to complete. We have been carrying out geological testing and additional site safety measures in advance of works resuming.

What measures will you adopt to minimise noise, dust and vibration?

During the first phase of excavation we successfully introduced a range of measures to mitigate inconvenience as much as possible. These included replacing pneumatic hammers with specialist noise-limiting excavation equipment, and rigorous water spraying methods. We will continue to implement best practice and ensure that we establish regular lines of communication with residents and respective residents’ associations.

What measures will you take to reduce potential inconvenience?

In addition to the disturbance-reducing methods we have already mentioned, we will also ensure that all trucks exiting the site go through wheel-washing facilities to keep the streets clean. Furthermore, the streets will be washed down at the end of each working day.

Do you monitor building and ground movements in and around the excavation site?

In line with best practice and input from our geotechnical engineers and architect, we installed small external monitors called “optical targets” at various locations within the site and on neighbouring properties. These enable our engineers to monitor the performance of the excavation, and surrounding buildings for any movements during and after excavation works. These measures will remain in place until construction reaches the original terrain levels.

How would trucks and construction machinery travel in and out of the site during excavation and construction?

Trucks or heavy vehicles will not pass through the internal roads of Sliema. They will exit only onto Qui-Si-Sana.

Will any of the surrounding roads be blocked by cranes and machinery?

No, any cranes or other machinery would be based within our own site perimeter.

When will the project be completed?

The development of Townsquare is expected to take around 4 years.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or a query?

You can contact us in person at the Project Office on Tignè Street, Sliema; by phone on  2133 1560; or email us at [email protected].

How can I report any urgent issues during the current excavation process?

For any urgent site-related issues, you may contact us in person at our offices on Tignè Street, or by telephone on the following numbers:

Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17:00: +356 2133 1560

After office hours and during weekends: +356 9984 4481

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